Prairie Scene

The largest gathering of Manitoba and Saskatchewan artists ever presented outside the Prairies!

April 26 to May 8, 2011

Playing with Dimensions

April 26 - May 8, 2011

Snapdragon Gallery

791 Bank Street, Ottawa

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Every spring, the Saskatchewan Craft Council, founded in 1975, invites craftspeople to submit work to Dimensions, an open, juried, touring exhibition of fine craft. In 2010 artists were given the theme “Playing with Dimensions,” and an injunction to “have fun” pushing creative and interpretive boundaries.

From the solid formed, carved stoneware pieces by Zane Wilcox to the kiln textured, fused and formed glass sculpture of Lee Brady and the free-motion quilting of Sharron Shoenfeld, this collection of fine craft offers a rewarding and beautiful survey of the contemporary fine arts culture in Saskatchewan.

Artists: Zane Wilcox, Cathryn Miller, Anita Rocamora, Jack Sures, Charley Farrero, Trent Watts, Lee Brady, Sharron Shoenfeld, Paula Cooley, Jane A. Evans, Daryl Richardson, Paul Lapointe, Judy Tryon, Michael Hosaluk, Howard Nixon, Debora Barlow, Linda Billo, Martha Cole, Roxanne Enns,Lee Fuller, Bonnie Gilmour, Barbara Goretzky, Jody Greenman-Barber, Sally Greenough, Shelley Kaszefski, Linda Knight, Sandra Ledingham, Glen Miskolczi, Cindy Obuck, Leah Perlett, Arthur Perlett, Leslie Potter, Ba-Hung Tran


Produced by the Saskatchewan Craft Council.