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April 26 to May 8, 2011

Guy Maddin's

Tales from the Gimli Hospital: Reframed

April 30, 2011, 8:30pm

National Arts Centre - Theatre

53 Elgin Street, Ottawa

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Directed by Guy Maddin
Starring Kyle McCulloch, Michael Gottli, Angela Heck, Margaret Anne McLeod, Caroline Bonner
With a special appearance by Guy Maddin
Narration by Udo Kier
Music composed by Matthew Patton
Music performed by members of amiina
Foley & sound design by Aono Jikken Ensemble 

Prairie Scene and the Winnipeg Film Group are thrilled to present the world premiere of an innovative new project from celebrated filmmaker Guy Maddin. TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL: REFRAMED pairs Maddin’s breakthrough film with live performance of a newly commissioned work by Winnipeg composer Matthew Patton, featuring ethereal music performed by members of Iceland’s amiina, live narration by cult film superstar Udo Kier (Blood for Dracula, Flesh for Frankenstein, Dogville, The Kingdom), and a ground-breaking visual-soundscape created by the Aono Jikken Ensemble.

Released in 1988 to critical acclaim, Tales from the Gimli Hospital has become a true cult hit.  A dreamlike, elliptical film, it explores the jealousy and madness of two men who share a hospital room; they are friends until their relationship is challenged by the revelation of their darkest secrets. Tales of creeping pestilence, unconsummated passions, reckless envy, and necrophilia climax in a deadly battle. Does a better world await these two lost souls on earth... or in heaven?

Most memorable night at the Toronto Film Festival? Has to be the world premiere of Guy Maddin's delirious silent, Brand upon the Brain, complete with a live orchestra, a narrator, three lab-coated foley artists to supply the sound effects, and even (allegedly) a castrato for two song sequences. 

Tom Charity, Time Out London


A Prairie Scene commission with Performa, with the support of Manitoba Film and Music.